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Feldenkrais method - course (1st lesson for free)

  • Pohled pracoviště 16 Letohradská Praha 7, Hlavní město Praha, 170 00 Czech Republic (map)

The Feldenkrais Method® was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais as a method for teaching neural learning and repatterning to individuals. Dr. Feldenkrais was fascinated by the physiological and psychological functioning of human beings. His method is based on neurophysiology, anthropology, developmental psychology, and anatomy. Feldenkrais lectured at Tel Aviv University, held six patents, and authored 14 books and numerous articles.

The basis of the Feldenkrais method is that all activities will improve, often dramatically, if the brain is aware of appropriate sensory information about alternative movements. A newborn infant learns how to move by spontaneously trying many movement patterns, absorbing the sensory information resulting from those movements, and making new neuronal connections that allow more complex and efficient actions. Recent discoveries in neuroscience confirm, that our brains can continue to grow completely new connections to improve our abilities by somatic learning - with impressive results for our quality of life. 

A Feldenkrais teacher uses specific verbal guidance or hands-on contact to gently stimulate the nervous system connected to the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the students. All functions of life are related to movement and always can be improved: breathing, sitting, standing, walking... as well as the higher functions of orientation, imagination, coordination which lead to better integration of the embodied self and organisation in everyday life, while at work, sport or home... creating, meditating, living and loving.

During each lesson of this course we will focus on a different function of life. The programm is adapting to the individual interest of the students. In the first lesson you will receive an introduction to the method as well as support to ask questions or name topics you want to improve. This can be a limiting, painful movement or a part of yourself you want to heal, feel more in harmony and use efficiently or be inspired by awareness approaching perfection.

Thursdays  20:00 - 21:00 from 

From 26.April,  course will have 9 lessons + 1st lesson for free on 26. April

Price: 1800 Kč / course (8 lessons)

Teacher: Alexander Fuxbauer

Translation to Czech possible with help of students.