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Modern Mystic Energy Dance - Chakra Awakening


What is this about?

Modern Mystic ENERGY Dance is a special session for WOMEN uniting dance and spirituality through consicous dance movement, energy work and the alchemy of mysticism, soul work and meditation.

Ever wondered that there is more to dance than just choreography and outside beauty of the movement? If YES, the INNER MYSTIC is calling YOU!

The purpose of Chakra awakening course is to balance your energies by releasing blocks, enabling free energy flow and gaining new levels of consciousness in body, mind and soul.

The dance is a primary element of this course, but in fact we will be working with all our senses throughout the course and benefits of the session will be multiplied thanks to our work with the group potential!

During this 10 week course we will cover:

  • Introduction, dance of elements (14.1.)
  • Root chakra – stability and support (21.1.)
  • Sacral chakra – sensuality, emotions and balance (28.1.)
  • Solar chakra – discovering the Self, courage and personal power (4.2.)
  • Heart chakra – loving relationships, compassion and healing (11.2.)
  • Throat chakra – expressing your truth, communication (18.2.)
  • Third eye chakra – clear mind, wisdom and intuition (25.2.)
  • Crown chakra – connection to unity, insight (4.3.)
  • Discovering chakras 8-12 (11.3.)
  • Dance of archetypes, transfiguration, celebration (18.3.)

We will be using different genres of music including modern dance music, trance, world-class, spiritual, create unique set of rhytms and beats to please and encourage our whole being.

Sessions will be lead in Czech/English by ADEL – Adel is a Life/Business Coach, Mystical Dance Teacher and Freediving Instructor. Her mission is to guide others through life metamorphosis, help to discover unique potential and balance rational and emotional elements of the self.

Dress code: comfortable, feminine, your favourite colours and materials. We will be dancing bare foot – no shoes needed

Wednesdays  6,00 – 7,30 p.m.

Price: 2000 CZK for 10 weeks cycle. It is also possible to visit individual sessions for 250,- CZK entry fee. If you desire to achieve long-term results, we highly recommend attending the whole cycle which  gives you the opportunity of personal transformation through new knowledge, practise, on-going support and focused energy during the course.

Instructor: Adela Čermáková

Earlier Event: January 7
Modern Mystic Energy Dance - open class
Later Event: February 4
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