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Saint Patanjali Yoga Retreat

Traditional Hatha Yoga Workshop for Yoga devotees,beginners and Yoga followers.

  Asato maa, Sadgamayaa

         Tamaso maa, Jyotirgamayaa 

             Mrityor maa Amritam Gamayaa

The workshop will be combination of

1) Chanting Mantras, explanation, spiritual benefit

2) Pranayama & Bandas & Mudras with principals, significance, benefit, practice, precautions and meditation

3) Hatha Yoga Traditional asanas with benefit and sanskrit names, Sansalutation with chanting 

4) Yoga Nidra and Savashana 

                 The way of practicing yoga mostly focus on controlling the disease, healing of the internal organs and get the divine light from this universe. Chanting is also very powerful in yoga because of the deep connection with the divine energy. Learn more about yoga and share in this planet which is ever best way of helping people. You will get self confidence and good immunity to live in this universe. Yoga is not only to practice but also to feel inside.

                  " This world need Yoga and this world need you"

Instructor: Siddha Raj Joshi

"The supreme power send me in this planet to help people some how providing good health , consciousness mind and the light from the divine spirit. I am the Yoga instructor from the mountainous part of Nepal who is basically teaching The way of Traditional  Hatha Yoga following the rules of Patanjali Yoga sutras and eight steps of Ashtang Yoga." 

Saturday 14 June 2014, 10:00 - 13:00 

Price: 500 Kč

Earlier Event: June 5
Klasická jóga a Mantra jóga