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You are kindly invited to presentation of Aktavio Lioss™ music and video for relaxation and experience harmony in meditation with this music. 

Aktavio Lioss™ musical works are renown for their powerful transformative effect. It is alchemy of sensations and energies. It helps to change inner feelings – stress to peace, aggression to acceptance, anger to forgiveness.

The music has been created in Love - with the finest healing vibrations of the Universe. They are free of any negative and ordinary impurities. This music is one of a kind in the world.

During presentation you will find out:

  • Aktavio Lioss life experience and lessons,
  • The power of his musical works,
  • How this music affects human’s aura ,
  • How this music can uplift everyone's the life,
  • You will experience energy of acceptance and Love through meditation with Aktavio Lioss™ music.  

*** Individual aura photo session is available afterwards. (35 Eur)

Lioss Aktavio is the spiritual Master with abilities of healing, telepathy and clairvoyance. More than 35 years Master explores the world of subtle energies and regularities of human life. L.Aktavio life lessons are a continuation of the famous 16th  century alchemist‘s Paracelsus lifelong works and discoveries– alchemy of senses. 


Presentation will be conducted by student of Aktavio Lioss - Ilze Svetina. 

Ilze is LAWIO studio personal development consultant helping people to create harmony between spiritual and material world, live more mindful and in well-being. She leads lectures, consultation, meditation in music, video, relaxations with the Singing Bowls of Nepali. Ilze is also an aura photographer.

Presentation time: 1,5 hours

Price: donation based

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Background information:

Ilze Svētiņa is an aura photographer and well-being and spiritual development consultant. Deep work with energies has become part of her everyday after she met her spiritual master Mirdza Keita 10 years ago. In her everyday life she shares LAWIO knowledge about being in balance between material and spiritual world. To become an aura photographer Ilze studied in San Diego – California USA. She got the Certificate to work with aura photography system “Aura Video Station 5.1.” Ilze Svetina for more that 5 years has done aura photography using this system which captures aura size and color, chakra color, shape, size, Body-Mind-Spirit balance, stress level and emotion balance.

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